Preparation and planning

Assignment One Brief – To make a short film (1-3 minutes) about the identity that is expressed in the clothes people wear.

  • You will need to film yourself or a willing actor.
  • You will need a variety of clothes
  • Find a way to express something about the role or purpose associated with clothes.
  • Use sound creatively and thoughtfully, both sound originating in the scene and sound effects and music which you add later.
  • The film can be narrative or non-narrative (poetic or experimental).

This is my first Assignment for this new course, ‘Setting the Scene’ strangely on this course the first assignment comes before the exercises.  This is my third course with OCA and my eleventh assignment; so I begin this assignment as I have learned to begin all my other assignments with the preparation.  My only experience with making a film was to shoot an adult style Panto that my wife starred in for a local Amateur Dramatics Group, which was filmed from the lighting box set on a tripod stationary with only some zooming and panning.  This required very little planning, technique or thought; so this is very different and new to me.

Although, this assignment is not formally marked and only intended to be used as a base measure for future assignments, I feel that I must put all that I have learned from my previous courses in to the preparation of this assignment, therefore I have decided that I must read as much as I can to learn as much as I can about how to go about making a short film.  The college has given me a list of six books to read and I will read these first, I will no doubt be returning to these books as I continue through the course but having read them all I will know which books are most relevant to each subject and topic discussed as I work my way through the course.

I began my preparation for this assignment by putting my thoughts and ideas on to paper.

Having written down my thoughts and ideas I sketched out a simple storyboard to help me plan shooting the scenes for my project.

I have discovered through my past assignments that I enjoy creating a narrative – telling a story of some-kind and this was why I chose to do this course when it was presented on the list of choices for may last course at this level.


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