Clothes – Assignment One


Because I have used music to supplement the image and I do not wish to compramise rules on copyright and broadcasting, I have added a password to keep this film private for my educational purposes only.  Please use the password provided on this blog to access my film on my Vimeo account.  Thank you.

Password: shaun512659

Password: shaun512659

If the film is not visible to access, please click on to the link below to watch my short-film for Assignment One – Clothes.

Assignment One – Clothes

Brief to make a short film (1-3 minutes) about identity that is expressed in the clothes people wear.

  • You will need to film yourself or a willing actor.
  • You will need a variety of clothes.
  • Find a way to express something about the role or purpose associated with the clothes.
  • Use sound creatively and thoughtfully, both sound originating in the scene and sound effects and music which you add later.
  • The film can be narrative or non-narrative (poetic or experimental).

As this is the first short-film I have ever made, I did as much reading up on how to go about making a film by first reading the books from the courses reading list.

I decided very early on that I wanted to make a film that would be entertaining whilst covering the criteria of my brief.

As this was my movie, I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, without having to try and source costumes, etc.  So I decided to make use of what I had to hand.  Fortunately, my wife loves clothes, danced ballet and is an amateur actor; so I she was a good source for clothes, character, narrative and a willing actor.

My Narrative:  Illustrating how clothes are a particularly important part of women’s lives.  Clothes are as much about identity as they are about fashion or for basic modesty.  Clothes can represent organization, thought and control or represent just the opposite in a person’s character.  So I wanted to tell use these themes as a short humorous story about my character’s rush to get dressed for a late appointment playing on her indecision as to her wardrobe whilst including some incidental details that hint at my characters background identity through her choice of ballet objet-d’art hanging from her dressing-table the picture of the children dressing up as adults is intended to re-enforced the message of clothes representing her identity in the set-up sequence at the beginning of the film.  I also included in the scene a clothing catalogue to represent fashion and choice, the discarded jeans represented disorganisation as reinforced by her indecision over what to wear ending with her just wearing casual jeans and jacket and odd shoes.  I also deliberately framed the shoe air fresheners in the driving shot as a motif for the odd shoes that is the punch-line to my comic short-film.

Although the brief asked for sound originating in the scene, I deliberately turned the camera mic off as I was unsure how I would be able to successfully edit scenes together with the complication of an attached soundtrack, I reasoned that if my first short-film was like an old silent movie or a Benny Hill sketch it would be easier to work with when editing it and a soundtrack could then more easily added and controlled at the editing stage.

These are my ideas behind the motivations for the mes-en-scenes and the story in general.

Thank you.


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