Cinematography theory & practice by Blain Brown


I have just read Cinematography theory and practice by Blain Brown, published by Focal Press.

I enjoy technical and theory books such as this one which helps to improve my photography skills over phylosophy and biography books that I tend to find both boring and pretentious.

I would recommend this book to a photographer of still photography as well as a film maker as there is nuggets of information in this book useful to still photographers that I have not come across before.  For example, this book really helped me understand how to better control depth-of-field in my photography with choices of lenses, wide or telephoto, size of film or digital sensor, distance from subject to camera, etc.  This book also covers colour, exposure, lighting, framing, composition and design, plus some special-effects used in the motion picture industry such as smoke and green screen can also be used for still photography.  I have found this book a thoroughly good and interesting read.


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