Exercise – Telling a story

In this exercise I have chosen to illustrate a storyboard for the classic Aesop Fable of The Hare and the Tortoise.

In the very unlikely event you may not know the story: A hare makes fun of a tortoise ridiculing his short legs and slow manner.  The tortoise responds by challenging the hare to a race.  The fox suggests the course to which both agree and the race begins with the hare racing off in a cloud of dust.  However, the hare is arrogant and thinking he has all the time in the world takes a nap.  The tortoise on the other-hand, knowing he is at a disadvantage doesn’t stop to rest until he finishes the course, passing the hare along the way.  When the hare finally wakes up and makes up his mind to finish the race he discovers the tortoise has got there before him, won the race and enjoying his rest.

To tell this story, I need to show:

The hare making fun of the tortoise

The fox suggesting the course of the race.

The start of the race.

The sleeping hare.

The hare discovering he has lost.

I do not need to show:  The tortoise responding to the rude hare.  Hare and tortoise explaining the idea of a race to the fox. the Hare waking up.  The tortoise arriving at the finish.

So this is my quick set of drawings to storyboard this short narrative.



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