Video Art


Video Art by Michael Rush.

This book examines the work of Artists who have used video as part of or as there main medium for art.  This book explains this category of video which is performance art produced by artist who either have chosen to specialize in producing art through the medium of video or film or are artist who have produced performance style art as part of their larger portfolio of work.  Many artist who have adopted the use of video since it’s accessibility in the 1960’s have been painters and sculptors as well as photographers.  What sets these pieces of work from main stream professional and amateur videos is that the work has been on the whole experimental and a lot of thought is made about how it should be viewed.  Typically these videos are designed to be displayed in an exhibition environment and often on more than one video screen or projection.  I would say that if only one characteristic of these videos was to categorize it as art then it must be how it has been conceived and designed for displaying to an audience, for that audience to simply watch the images or in someway interact with the presentation.

An interesting read; but this type of video work doesn’t excite me, I am more interested in the film making genre that tells a story or simply entertains.


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