Film Art

I have just read Film Art by Bordwell, Thompson and Smith.

A very good student text book offering an insight in to Film making, style and form, film critique and history.  This is supplemented with blogs availible to read on:

I chose to read this book before beginning my new course which requires for me to kick off with an assignment.  I feel that I want to prepare myself first by doing some reading in order to try to create something of reasonable standard for my first attempt in film making.  Making a movie for the first time is a little like learning to bake a cake.  To make a cake one must have a recipe, know how to beat the mix then fold in the air before placing in to a correctly heated oven for a given length of time.

Movie making is about, working from some kind of script, camera and lighting positions, sound and editing decisions, mes-en-scene considerations and directing the action.  Then like baking a cake what cake/genre is it going to be?  Chocolate / romance, Victoria sponge / horror, a fruit cake / comedy, upside-down cake / action-adventure?

This book has helped me prepare for the road ahead and I will no-doubt be returning to it and the blogs listed throughout the book.



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