In the Blink on an Eye by Walter Murch


Blink Of An Eye by Walter Murch

I begin my new course by reading this book first.  No reason other than it was small enough to carry with me on my long weekend to Vienna.

I found the book very interesting and I will not be able to watch a movie again without considering the editing.  I found his theory on blinking very interesting, my wife is involved in amateur dramatics and really works hard to learn her lines early; so that she can get to unconsciously competent in order to develop her character a strategy that wins her awards.  I will watch her eyes more closely when she performs and compare with her fellow actors some who are good and some who are poor.

Although much of what he discusses, I am never going to have a chance to experience myself in practice with my own limited equipment. I still believe that his book is valuable in re-thinking how editing can be so important the a films final polish.

A good book to read if you are interested in making movies or if you are just a film buff curious to learn how it’s done.


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